Automated Control Systems

At McIntire HVAC, we specialize in meeting the HVAC needs of small- to medium-sized businesses in the Hagerstown, MD area. We provide sales and service on most brand names of automated control systems, including Honeywell, Synco, Automated Logic, and Cleveland Controls. Automated systems integrate into your building to provide considerable cost and energy savings while keeping your building comfortable and your indoor air quality high.

High Standards Equal More Savings

The control systems we sell and support offer many advantages over traditional thermostat controls. We put our automated control systems through a range of tests for efficiency and reliability and we only sell the ones that have exceeded our own high standards. When you purchase a control system from McIntire HVAC, you will quickly see how intelligent building automation improves your comfort level, air quality, and energy savings.

Our systems are highly dependable, with support available 24 hours a day if the need arises. They are versatile enough to grow with your company and offer straightforward operation, so they are easy to program and alter. Many of the systems we sell have available remote operation, so you can control your indoor environment from anywhere in the building, or even from your mobile device.

It is time to upgrade your building’s automatic controls to begin saving money immediately. Call McIntire HVAC today and we will schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your company’s needs.