Frederick Furnace Repair

Furnaces provide much needed heat and air circulation to residential properties during the cold winter months. These systems are crucial in preventing water pipes from bursting or freezing when temperature levels drop below freezing point. For homeowners living in areas with a cold climate, a furnace is a viable investment. At McIntire HVAC, we offer all furnace related services you may need. From furnace installation to repairs and maintenance, our experienced professionals can provide you reliable indoor comfort during the winter season.

Furnace Contractors

Clearly everyone wants heat when the temperature outside is below zero. If you don’t have a furnace yet, call McIntire HVAC for the speediest installation of a new furnace system, as we aim to keep your family safe and warm. You can choose between gas-powered furnaces and oil-powered furnaces.

To determine whether or not a furnace system can be installed on your property, and the type of furnace that would suit it the best, schedule an appointment with us. Our team of professionals will review your home and current system to explain the options available to you. We install all models and brands of furnaces and offer all installation-related services!

Frederick Furnace Repair & Service

Is your furnace in need of repair? Not having a source of heat during the cold winter months can be a concern. With our knowledge and expertise, we can repair the different makes and types of furnaces and get it up and running again as quickly as possible. If your furnace requires new parts, we provide them at reasonable rates. To determine whether or not your furnace requires repair and service, watch out for the following indications:

  • Higher Energy Bills – Are your gas or electric bills skyrocketing? It is a good indication your furnace requires maintenance, as a properly functioning system runs efficiently and doesn’t consume excess power.
  • Unusual Sounds – If your furnace is creating unusual sounds, it could be due to an ignition problem, a loose unadjusted belt, or a malfunctioned component. You should call a professional to look into this immediately.
  • Furnace Stays on or Doesn’t Start – This is usually an indication of a number of problems. It could be because of a faulty fan motor, incorrect thermostat settings, or faulty wiring.
  • Yellow Plot Light – If your pilot light is burning yellow, it indicates carbon monoxide or improper gas balance. Therefore, it is advised you call a professional to identify and rectify the problem before it aggravates.

Furnace Maintenance

When it comes to expensive heating systems, such as a furnace, regular maintenance is essential for continual efficiency and durability. We offer top-quality maintenance service for numerous furnace makes and types, so rest assured we will keep your furnace in top condition all year round.

The service is comprehensive and includes filter replacement, diagnostic testing, fan belt adjustment and inspection, cleaning, and bearing lubrication. For any queries or information, please do not hesitate to call us. We will be more than happy to help you out.