Air Cleaners for Your Home

McIntire HVAC, based out of Hagerstown, MD, can install whole-house air cleaners. We can install air cleaners in a central air conditioning system or a furnace. This will allow the air that comes out of the ducts to be filtered before you breathe it in.

Types and Effects of Air Pollution

Our air cleaners can remove pollutants throughout your home. Air pollution inside your home can be more harmful than the air found outside. Air pollutants can include bacteria, pet dander, and mold spores. Our air filters decrease the chances of getting asthma and other respiratory problems.

McIntire HVAC air cleaners will deliver clean air throughout your home efficiently and silently. Maintaining our air cleaners are easy and only about one time per year. This is more convenient than portable cleaners that require a new filter and cleaning every one to three months.

You can control the air filters. You can control when and how often you want it to run. Some of our customers only run theirs during spring cleaning, allergy season, or any time there are extra pollutants in the air.

We can recommend the right air filter for your home. Contact McIntire HVAC and schedule an appointment for one of our qualified technicians to install an air cleaner in your home.