HVAC Tips & Tricks from McIntire HVAC

Common Household Heating Problems

If you are finding it harder and harder to stay warm inside your home when it is cold outside, you should know about some common problems that exist in many homes.

Insulation Problems – It is common to experience colder temperatures in homes that are not properly insulated – especially in older homes. You should make sure that your attic is […]

Basic Heating & Air Conditioning Services

The term HVAC means heating, ventilation, air conditioning so it mainly deals with heating or cooling systems.

Due to the various types of equipment used for heating and cooling functions, the HVAC industry covers several areas. It is important for homeowners and business owners to know the difference between all of the services to get the right service for their equipment.

There […]

Too Hot, Too Cold, Just Right—Zoning Control Systems

It’s a typical situation in your home. You are always hot, and your wife is always cold. The kids are running around so much that they wouldn’t know the difference either way. At night, you have the heat blasted for your spouse, but you crack the window open for yourself. You have extra electric heaters placed in your basement because […]

Save Money With Higher SEER Ratings

It’s that dreaded 101 degree day, and your air conditioner goes out. An expert from McIntire HVAC comes out and tells you that you are going to need a new one. Choosing a new air conditioner is a very important decision. Everyone wants to pick a good air conditioner and save money while doing so. One of the most important […]