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McIntire HVAC believes in the value of proactive service and maintenance of your heating and cooling system - not only from a practical and financial standpoint, but more importantly from a comfort and safety perspective.

Having your heating and cooling system inspected and maintained on a regular basis will help to insure the greatest efficiency, dependability and safety of your system for you and your family. It is our objective to prevent problems and failures to your heating and cooling equipment by way of thorough inspection, cleaning and testing from our competent and qualified technicians.

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind and confidence in your home comfort system with a value packed maintenance agreement from McIntire HVAC.

Basic Maintenance Tips for HVAC by McIntire HVAC

Maintaining your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit will go far in saving you money. Hiring technicians to service or replace parts on your HVAC system is expensive. With just a few, very basic cleaning and maintenance steps, you can ensure that your heating and cooling system stays running and in great shape.

Clean and Mean

One of the simplest cleaning procedures that you can perform is cleaning the air filter. The filter is a small but extremely vital component to any HVAC system. An air conditioner can function only with appropriate air flow. If your filter is clogged with excessive amounts of dust and other particles, the cooling system will suffer greatly. Not only will it fail to operate correctly, but it will end up actually costing YOU more money. You can ensure proper air flow by removing the filter from its cage and cleaning it. Many filters can be sprayed with a hose and allowed to dry. Replacement filters can also be purchased and are readily available at any hardware store. Other steps that can be taken to keep your HVAC system operational include:

  • Simply use it less. Running a machine 24/7 will increase wear and tear. Open doors and windows to cool!
  • Program the thermostat so the unit is running only when it needs to.
  • Weather stripping and insulation will aid greatly in keeping the heat and cool in, allowing you to use your unit less.

These are but a few simple steps that can be taken to extend the life of your HVAC unit. The two biggest are cleaning the air filters and simply cutting down on the system’s use whenever possible. Not only will these extend the life of your HVAC, but they will also save you money in the long run. If you notice any pooling water or strange odors, these issues are typically best left to HVAC maintenance specialists. Remember, your heating and cooling system is electrical, so it may not be wise to go poking around on it if you are not an electrician.

Time in, Money Saved

These suggestions are great starting points for maintaining your HVAC. Be sure to keep debris and dust away from any intakes, vents, and filters. Check regularly and often. You can even create a schedule for your system’s maintenance. With diligent routine cleaning, you won’t need to make that emergency call for repairs.