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Tips from McIntire HVAC: Signs That You May Need a New Air Conditioner or Furnace

Not having a functioning air conditioning unit during the hottest part of July is no fun. Not having a functioning furnace during the coldest part of January is not much better. Maintaining your heating and cooling system so that it is functioning when you need it most is always a good idea. However, there are times when this isn’t possible and your HVAC system just gives out at the worst time. Here are some signs you may need a new air conditioner or furnace.

Not Cold, Not Hot – Not Good

One of the first and most common observations that are made whenever an AC or furnace is in question is that the air coming out of the vents is neither hot nor cold. It’s that lukewarm, stale, machine air. Regardless of how far you swing the thermostat up or down, there isn’t any change in the temperature of the air coming out of the vents. Often there is also reduced air flow or no flow at all. These are signs that definitely indicate a problem with your air conditioner or furnace. Other symptoms of a faulty air conditioner or furnace include:

  • Excessive moisture or pooling of water around your heating or cooling unit.
  • No change in the temperature of any room of the house.
  • Increase in heating and cooling bill.
  • Stuffy, stale, and dry air inside your home.

These are just a few indicators that you may need a new air conditioner or furnace. Keeping a routine maintenance check is great way to prevent any unexpected outages. But, as with any machine, parts wear and break. Older units are naturally more inclined to go out due to more wear and tear. It may be worth having a technician come out to your home to inspect your HVAC system. The possibility exists that the problem is something that could be repaired. However, if you have several of the above symptoms occurring in your home, it may be time for new equipment.

A Fresh Start

Constantly buying and replacing old parts on your air conditioner or furnace may not be the most cost effective solution for heating and cooling your home. In addition to the cost of the parts, you are paying a technician for labor. Chances are also good that your electric bill is higher due to the inefficiency of your older unit. Consider purchasing a newer, energy efficient air conditioner or furnace. The initial investment will be offset by the savings generated from a lower electric bill and not having to pay a repairman.