Air Conditioning Repair

For your air conditioner to function effectively and efficiently for years to come, regular maintenance and servicing is necessary. Negligence on your part will result in a steady yet significant decline in the performance of your air conditioner, while its energy use steadily increases, leaving you with hefty energy bills.

However, all this can easily be avoided and you can extend the life of your air conditioning unit by having it inspected, serviced, and cleaned by a professional at least once a year. At McIntire HVAC, we assist you in keeping your air conditioner in top condition, and provide air conditioning services for both residential and commercial clients.

Woodsboro AC Repair

Here are a few signs which indicate your air conditioning unit needs maintenance:

  • Uneven Cooling – A properly functioning air conditioner will provide cool air consistently across the room/area it is installed in. If the cooling is uneven, it usually means the system needs a maintenance check.
  • Continuous Running – AC units are designed to turn on and off at regular intervals to deliver the best level of efficiency. However, if your air conditioner is running continuously, it is probable that it needs maintenance.
  • Odd Sounds – If you notice odd sounds coming from your AC unit, it can be because the components require repairing or replacement.

Contact an HVAC professional in case you experience any of the situations mentioned above.

Proper Air Conditioning Service

After thorough inspection of your air conditioning unit, we will employ one or more of the following maintenance procedures:

  • Check System Controls – To ensure safe and proper operation of your air conditioning unit when it starts, operates, and shuts off.
  • Lubricate Moving Parts – Lack of lubrication in the components increases friction in the motors, and the amount of electricity used.
  • Check Thermostat Settings – To ensure the air conditioner works efficiently when you are indoors, while saving energy when you are away.
  • Tighten Electric Connections – The life of major components can be reduced due to faulty electrical connections. This can also cause safety hazards and affect the performance of your system.
  • Clean Coils – The coils of an air conditioning unit tend to get dirty over time, resulting in poor performance. Moreover, it causes the unit to run longer, reducing the life of the equipment and increasing energy costs.

The True Cost of Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioners are complicated mechanical systems, and although you may decide to maintain it on your own, it is always recommended you call in an expert to get the job done. At McIntire HVAC, we have years of experience in servicing air conditioners and are well-versed with all kinds of cooling systems and models.

The average cost for a complete air conditioning service is nothing compared to the loss of comfort and the higher costs of replacing your unit. However, to provide you an accurate estimate, we would appreciate if you could call us and explain the particular issues you are facing.