Zone Control Systems

Temperature control can be a little costly. Not everyone likes the same temperature levels inside a home, after all. You may feel a little cold, but your kids feel uncomfortably warm. At McIntire HVAC, we can help you control the temperature in every room of your house by installing zone control systems.

What is a Zone Control System?

Zone control systems are easy to understand. There are various thermostats installed throughout your home that are set to specific temperatures that you like. This means that if a certain room in your home is never used, you can set the temperature in that room lower than you would in the kitchen or living room.

We specialize in the installation of zone control systems for residential and commercial properties. We also help customers decide whether installing zone control systems is beneficial to their needs.

While it is true that the upfront costs for zone control systems cost more than a traditional thermostat, the long-term savings more than makes up for the investment. We at McIntire HVAC recommend adjusting the temperature according to how frequent each room is in use to help you save more money.

Zone control systems are smart solutions to address your family’s individual comforts. Having us install these systems help keep your family comfortable while saving money. Drop by McIntire HVAC today and learn more about our zone control systems.