Stay Proactive

Welcome to the Comfort Club!

The Comfort Club is our fan-favorite maintenance program – did we mention it’s free to join?

Free to Join

That's right! Completely free to join. Think of it like a rewards program.

10% Discounts

On parts and refrigerant.

Priority Scheduling

The schedule gets crazy so you'll want to be at the top of the list!

No Overtime Charges

Including weekend and holidays!

No Diagnostic Fee

Standard customers pay a $105 diagnostic fee, but not you!

Cancel Anytime

No hassle guarantee.

How It Works


Schedule the Call

Call our office at 240-527-5945 to get your maintenance scheduled.


System Tune-Up

A technician will complete a full inspection and tune-up for your system.



We will review your inspection with you, making suggestions and keeping you informed on your system.


All Done!

It’s as simple as that! We’ll see you in six months for the next.

Join the Comfort Club

Fill out the form and email to our office or give us a call to join!